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Thank you for choosing SERGEI BEST CLEANING SERVICES LLC. Feel free to
reach out to me to learn more about the cleaning services I offer to residential
clients in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Making Your Homes
Look Spick and Span

Turn your cluttered spaces into a clean and organized area with help from SERGEI BEST CLEANING SERVICES LLC. I provide dependable cleaning services for homeowners in Fairfield County, Connecticut at affordable rates. You can count on me to thoroughly dust and wipe each surface until everything looks spotless.

When it comes to cleaning, I only use unscented and eco-friendly disinfectants. I am a trustworthy cleaning professional that is consistent in delivering reliable cleaning solutions to my clients. 

I offer a great number of services for all sorts of residential property owners of houses, apartments, condos, and anything in between. I promise to deliver a great, long lasting clean for an unbeatable price that my competitors can’t match. My hard work is matched by my dedication to bring you results that both of us can be proud of - please do not hesitate to call me if you require any of my services!

How It All Started

I decided to start my cleaning company because I was inspired to provide homeowners with the best cleaning services possible. I saw that something was lacking in the industry and that my own personal skills and experiences can be of great use to customers. After entering the industry I found that my success and loyal client base was accredited to my creed of providing professionalism, great services, and customer satisfaction.

About Me

Hi! I am Sergeline Remy, the owner of SERGEI BEST CLEANING SERVICES LLC. I am a fun and easygoing person outside my profession. I love to help people accomplish other things in life, so I provide them with cleaning services to remove the burden of cleaning their homes. I also help them create a fresh and happy place to come after a long day at work.

Sergei Best Cleaning Services

Mission Statement

My goal is to continually provide impressive cleaning services using the best cleaning products in the market that my clients would love, especially those who are sensitive to smell. 

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